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You are the last free Gnome and it's all up to you. Forget everything you learned about fairies from your storybooks, these fairies are nasty, sneaky, and mean, and they will stop at nothing to enslave your people. If you fail, the Gnomes will be no more!

It's time to buckle your boots, wield your sword, and tromp far away from your familiar garden. The fairies are coming! Take on slithering cobras, mushroom monsters, Kittybats and Gorphs to prove yourself worthy to face the Fairy King and his 5 evil daughters. Journey to worlds most gnomes only dream about to free your brothers and sisters from their cages and rank up your powers for a five-gnome spree of magic and mayhem.

It's the Gnomes vs the malicious Fairy King and his hordes of nasty minions. You stand alone, swords in hand, the last hope for all of the Gnome-kin.

Gnomes vs. Fairies is a single-player, high fantasy, action-adventure game playable across multiple operating systems. Currently in beta, Gnomes vs. Fairies is produced by Dano Kablamo at Prismic Studios in Oklahoma City. Dano began production on a bus trip in March 2015, devoting countless hours to game development.

In July, Gnomes vs. Fairies was selected by the Steam community to be published on Steam.

This Fall, Gnomes vs. Fairies turns to Kickstarter for the final stages of development. With movement similar to Mario 64 and inventory ranking system inspired by Legend of Zelda, Gnomes vs. Fairies gameplay features acrobatic platforming, devastating swordplay and a fistful of magic!

Players create and customize their own unique Gnome who will cut through hundreds of bad guys in floating, surreal worlds set to an original score written by Me, Dano, a longtime professional musician and composer.

Gnomes vs. Fairies is targeted at high-end gaming systems and playable on almost any current hardware. The current beta supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Android with planned development for Oculus Rift™ virtual reality headset. Gnomes vs. Fairies is produced using 3D Studio max, Sonar, Unity and more. Logos: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android If you like the nostalgia and movement of N64 and PS1 platform games, you'll love Gnomes vs. Fairies.

Not yet rated by the ESRB, Gnomes vs. Fairies is intended for Everyone 10+. The beta contains cartoon, fantasy or mild violence. No nudity. While everyone ages 10+ can enjoy the game, adults will likely enjoy a richer experience.


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